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  You know you want it!

16”, 10” and 7” pizzas. 

*Specialty Pizzas*

The Refill Special- Pepperoni, beef, sausage, mushroom, onion, bell pepper, black olive. 

Roadkill- Pepperoni, beef, bacon, ham, pork and Italian sausage.

Herbavore- Mushroom, onion, bell pepper, black olive, green olive, extra cheese.

Pesto Chicken- Basil pesto sauce, grilled chicken breast, salami, black olive, mozzarella.

The Florentine- Alfredo Sauce, chicken, bacon, purple onion

 Fajita- Beef or chicken, beans, Onion, bell, Jalapeno.

Frito Pie- Chili, fritos, cheese, onion, Jalapeno

Chili Dog- Chili, hot dog, cheese, onion, jalapeno

BBQ Chicken- Add Jalapenos if you like!

Hawaiian Delight- Ham, Pineapple extra cheese! 


  Pepperoni, ham, pork sausage, Italian sausage, bacon, ground beef, spinach, mushroom, onion, bell pepper, black olive, green olive, jalapeno, pineapple  

Dessert Pizzas

  S’more Pizza Nutella, chocolate chips, cinnamon toast cereal, marshmallows.

Apple Betty Pizza Cinnamon apple filling, topped with brown sugar, oatmeal and butter. Topped with white chocolate drizzle.

Pumpkin pie pizza - Pumpkin pie filling, cereal, brown sugar, marshmallow, caramel drizzle.

Our pizzas start with fresh dough tossed to order.

Our signature red sauce, or alfredo.

A mountain of mozzarella cheese

The freshest veggies, and the highest quality meats.

If you are looking for a special combination, let us know!

Gluten free, and Vegan options are available!


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